Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Presentation work for Profession Studies

A bit about me NOW.

This world of art as we know it is so difficult to fully understand, especially as a 23 year old art student in the year 2009.

I have always been an artist, drawing since I could hold a pencil. My family only sent me to private art lessons on occasion, so my academic skills only came about until after I gradated high school. Not to say I didn't take art classes throughout grade-school, I just did not have a formal academic art training. So my only process of art was to use my imagination and my intuitive knowledge of form, color, and theory.

As I grew more aware of my ability's during high school, I became much more serious about art and the process of it. And here is where I had decided to study at a private art school, away from my hometown in tiny Kirtland Hills, Ohio. It was at The Art Institute of Boston where I chose my academic standing. It was a good experience for me, as I became independent and saw the strengths in myself, but I also saw my weaknesses.

Here after living in Boston for two years, I decided to study abroad the US and take advantage of the Mobility Exchange Program offered within the private art schools across the country. Here I applied and was selected at the Laguna College of Art & Design school, in Laguna Beach CA, and thus made my move out west for the semester. To my surprise I became more engaged than I had imagined, making my move to California permanent.

The program in the Fine Arts department exceeded my expectations, and for once I fell in touch with my self as a growing artist. I had studied illustration prior to LCAD, and did not seem to grow with me as an artist. I wanted more, more of a classical approach to my discipline as a student.

Realism is something I now cherish, and I only wish I was here sooner. I want to be a master painter & show the world how I see it to be. So much beauty is out there, and I just want to become part of it by showing it on paper and canvas. This life as an artist is a wonderful thing, but society can get in the way at times, making it harder. But I know that I am suppose to be here, and that I will always have art as a part of me. The work I've produced in the past, is the past. What I look forward to today, is to create new images of real life, because its the only thing I know. Its real, and its constantly changing, but its my duty as a human being to document that, my stories, my visions, my feelings, and everything else revolving it, like my family, friends, strangers, buildings, industries, structures, landscapes, trees, water, and life. I have the ability to do it, we all do, but to master it, is a bit different.

I want to be a great artist, one to be remembered, but just thinking it won't do that justice. So i'll stop talking about it, and show you all what I truly want and am made of. Thank you & I look forward to writing more about my process of it all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is a photograph taken by me today in my home. I will be creating this blog site in hopes to gain a deeper understanding of myself & things that I come across in my daily life. I will be posting new works made by me, as well as other artists work!! I hope you enjoy!!